Never be short-staffed again.

Businesses report absenteeism typically occurs between two and fifteen times every month. With only a few clicks, Staffy helps connect businesses with a wide range of qualified workers for immediate, short, or long-term staffing needs. This ensures businesses maintain both their service and food quality, reduce overtime expenses, and keep morale high among their current employees.


Staffy operates reliably with zero lag time, providing businesses and contractors with an on-demand marketplace that enables real-time matching. Contractors set their own price to reflect skills and experience, allowing managers to hire the right staff for the right job. Once the job is complete, both the contractor and business rate their experience and provide feedback to help ensure a strong and transparent community.


Designed and built in Canada by tech industry veteran Peter Faist, and advised by Arizona Bay, Staffy has already been used by over 150 of Toronto and Vancouvers’ hospitality leaders, including Bar Isabel, Elle Cuisine, and David Mintz Catering. Over 95% of our clients have filled positions on multiple occasions.


Staffy allows industry folks to pick up shifts tailored to their skills, experience, and schedule. For individuals who can't commit to full-time work, or are simply looking to pursue other creative passions, the app enables them to find work whenever they want, or need to. Additionally, they have the ability to set their own hourly wage, to reflect their skills and experience.


Everyone is happier and works harder when they're offered a fair wage. When a restaurant or catering company uses a staffing agency, the agency often takes a large portion of the hourly rate, and contractors are essentially paid less than they deserve. With Staffy, restaurants and hospitality companies incur only a minor administrative fee, and contractors receive 100% of their hourly wage.

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